Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Anna the Chair


That was all I could see, except for a Russian woman on top of me. She seemed to be very similar to me, with her blonde hair, blue eyes, long nose, and her oval face, and she wore red, white, and blue pants, a blue shirt, and a white cotton sweater to top it all off.

I tried to look around, but all I saw was what seemed to be part of a seat. Then I tried moving around, but my body wouldn't budge.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Connie the Puppy

Connie (👩🏾/C) I love you, Pep! *pets Pep*

Pep (🐕): Ruff! *licks C*

C: Hahaha!

C: You know, I wonder what it would be like to be you.

C: Ah well, time to go to my room.

*A mysterious blue orb suddenly comes out of nowhere and knocks out C and 🐕*

A few minutes later...

C: Oh man, what happened? *looks around the room and notices that she is shorter and furrier than normal*

C: Why do I feel so short and furry? And why is my vision so blurry?

*sees a dark Indian girl who is wearing Levi jeans, a white shirt, and a pair of white pumps*

C: Who is that? She seems very similar to me.

*the girl speaks*

???: There you are! Hiding under my bed! *lifts C up to her lap*

C: This girl's lap almost looks like mine...wait a minute. *vision finally clears*

*jumps out of the girl's lap and turns around to see...herself*

C (🐕): OMG! I'm my puppy!

🐕 (C): And I'm your new owner! :)